Exceptional Care from a Board-Certified Periodontist


Dr. Pylant is a board-certified periodontist who has been serving patients in Bedford for over 25 years. His constant pursuit of continuing education and advanced solutions ensure his periodontal services continue to meet the highest standards. Combining skill, attention to detail, and the latest technology, Dr. Pylant is able to provide his patients with unparalleled care. He applies these principles to every stage of treatment, from start to finish. 

In addition, Dr. Pylant educates other professionals on the latest techniques so they can also provide safer, more precise treatment. He is a professor at Texas A&M University, and he also regularly presents on behalf of Straumann USA. Straumann USA's advanced solutions have completely revolutionized dental implant treatment, from planning and surgical placement, to growth factors for reduced recovery times. Dr. Pylant has used this technology to provide hundreds of patients with successful care and he is excited to share his experience with others in the field.




Dr. Pylant has invested in Dental Wings coDiagnostiX™ software to vastly improve the dental implant planning process. This advanced system uses 3D imaging data, which is gathered using an intraoral scanner and computed tomography (CT) scanner, to create a surgical guide for implant placement. This information is then shared with the prosthetic planning software so that both processes can be completed at the same time. By completing every aspect of the treatment himself, Dr. Pylant can ensure the entire process is held to the highest standards. This advanced dental implant workflow system significantly improves efficiency, accuracy, and outcomes.

Dr. Pylant believes that dental technology is essential to provide patients with industry-leading care. Every detail of his procedures is vastly improved by cutting-edge tools and techniques, from gathering detailed images and a clear understanding of your oral health to personalizing each procedure. Technology even plays a role in recovery. The doctor often uses growth factors to decrease healing time while reducing swelling and discomfort.

Our dental technology includes:

  • DWOS Synergy

  • Intraoral Scanner

  • CT Scanner

  • 3D Printer

  • Dental Wings coDiagnostiX

  • Piezeotome® Instrumentation

  • Ultrasonic Scaler 

  • Growth Factors

  • Acellular Dermal Matrix

  • Straumann USA CARES® Software


sophisticated technology. reliable solutions. personalized patient care.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry

Dr. Pylant personally completes every stage of the digital implant workflow in-office. As a result, he has an exceptionally high rate of success for his surgical guides and dental implant procedures. This is due to the predictable, reproducible process made possible through comprehensive technology. Digital dentistry has improved his overall practice as it is easy to use, reduces treatment time, yields accurate results, and creates a better patient experience.

Dental Implant Workflow

As a skilled periodontist, Dr. Pylant performs dental implant procedures that integrate sophisticated technology, creating an efficient process yielding lifelike, durable restorations. Our practice uses CARES® Digital Solutions, a collection of dental equipment that works together for a seamless workflow. 

DWOS Synergy - A comprehensive software, DWOS Synergy allows Dr. Pylant to identify the proper placement of implant posts and design well-fitting prosthetics. Because planning occurs before the surgery, in many cases, patients do not have to wear removable temporary retainers.

Intraoral Scanner - Using an intraoral scanner allows us to take digital impressions for a much more comfortable and efficient experience than traditional methods. Impressions are crucial for dental implants and will be used to plan treatment and to create your prosthesis.

Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner - Creating digital x-rays is more convenient for both the doctor and patient with low-radiation and high-quality 3D-imaging.

3D Printer - This device can be used in several aspects of your treatment including to create drill guides, prosthetic models, and more.

Dental Wings coDiagnostiX - This planning software allows Dr. Pylant to strategically prepare for your dental implant procedure. It also aids in the design of surgical drill guides, allowing for predictable results that are highly accurate. 

Improved Preliminary Procedures

Piezeotome Instrumentation - Oftentimes dental implant patients lack sufficient bone tissue to support the posts. Dr. Pylant uses this gentle tool when necessary in order to aid in sinus lift procedures and extractions in preparation for dental implants.

Tools & Techniques for Periodontal Care

Ultrasonic Scaler - Gum disease treatment is important not only to your overall health but is often necessary for other types of procedures. This scaler's vibrations enable the doctor to remove plaque and tartar with minimal discomfort.

Growth Factors - We offer two growth factors, Straumann® Emdogain® and Osteohealth® GEM21S®, which can reduce swelling and pain, as well as decrease healing time while supporting soft and hard tissue development.

Acellular Dermal Matrix - This regenerative technique can be used in soft tissue grafting to treat recession, supplement tissue around dental implants, and more.